Restaurant Deer reflects a union of love for honest cooking, energy and the power of nature. You can enjoy modern interpretations of traditional recipes in a unique location in the historical centre of Prague, prepared under the guidance of our Executive Chef, Jiří Eberl.

The Chef’s word

"Restaurant Deer is to me, an example of the honest work of real professionals. We strive to freshly prepare each and every meal that we serve to you with love. Time dictates a fast service at all cost, but we do not follow this trend. We believe in and adhere to honest and firm principles. We offer game specialities with a contemporary twist along with modern cuisine dishes to let you have an experience that will make you want to return. It is my honour to present you with the work i love right here in Deer Prague. Because without enthusiasm for what i do, i could not be as proud of the whole project as i am today."

"It is my honour to present you with a menu that i have created for you."


Bauer Hotel Group

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